Types of Concrete Pumps: All You Should Know!

Any kind of task comes with its own challenges and so does construction. Because not every structure resembles one another in all aspects, machines should always be chosen carefully for a successful working experience.

Moving concrete up raised structures like road flyovers and skyscrapers could be much tough, but fortunately not with concrete pumps. A concrete pump for sale is a machine which moves liquid concrete from one point to another, usually from the mixer to the site. They have a wide range of advantages as well as applications.

concrete pump

concrete pump

Despite the presence of many different concrete pump models, they can always be classified into two main categories. These are:

• The Boom Concrete Pumps

These are the largest of all concrete pump models. Because of their high power of operation, boom pumps are suitable for use in large construction sites like tall buildings and extensively raised road sections. This means that concrete mobile pump can do a huge piece of work just within a short period. Such pumps are therefore considered highly economical since they result in a decreased labor requirement.

The technology used in boom concrete pumps is an amazing one. The robotic arm which does everything is controlled remotely so that, every single operation is very accurate.

• Line Concrete Pumps

Are usually not very big in size. They are mounted either on trucks or trailers. Unlike boom concrete pump portable, line pumps have a low volume capacity so they are unsuitable for the heavy workload. They are instead a better alternative for transferring concrete in much smaller construction sites. The key advantage working with a line concrete pump is that they are easy to move around and less expensive too.

How to Pick the Right Concrete Pump for Your Needs

Nothing else is of sound importance than knowing how to select the best device to use. Here are a few factors you may consider when looking for a concrete mortar pump.

i. Nature of the Project – certain jobs like normal pour, will require the concrete to be close to the site as much as possible. In such a case, the boom pump could be the best way to go. However, light operations such as decorative work will not require great proximity. In that case, the line concrete pumps will work.

ii. Size of the Site – construction sites vary widely in terms of size. For instance, others like residential homes as usually so restricted, and a trailer mounted concrete pump will help you out. On the contrary, boom pumps are well suited for open space sites.

iii. Durability – having gone for your best model doesn’t necessarily mean strength is guaranteed. You need a machine whose parts have been made of sturdy enough materials, so it can last long before beginning to experience any failures. Besides, durability also ensures that your operations will be pocket-friendly in the long run.

Therefore, it will always be very important to have an adequate understanding of any machine you are intending to purchase. Sometimes, everything doesn’t just end at the price stage and so, reading through various user guides will always be helpful. Make your choice today and enjoy the experience you truly deserve.

Points To Consider When Choosing A High-Quality Mobile Concrete Pump

Contrary to belief, there are several different types of methods that can be used to pour high volumes of concrete on a construction site. The most well known type of method is the standalone or static concrete pump holder, but this is not necessarily the most efficient when working in larger or more difficult to reach construction areas. When working in the latter places, the type of concrete pump used is a concrete pump truck. This is a reliable method of pouring concrete and moving concrete in an economical way.

mobile concrete pump for sale

mobile concrete pump for sale

Unfortunately, locating and using the concrete vehicles, which are mobile concrete pumps, can be complicated. This is due to the fact that the different types of projects require specific types of high-quality mobile concrete pumps which are made in Aimix China Machinery. This article will provide considerations to make when choosing the most suitable high-quality mobile concrete pump.

1. The Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Pump

The truck-mounted mobile concrete pumps are beneficial in that they are able to combine placing a boom and pouring concrete pump. The placing boom systems on these trucks range from approximately 20 to 60 meters increasing the ease of concrete pouring into the ready mix pump. This concrete pump is also useful in quickly pouring high volumes of concrete within a long radius because of the length of the boom. The versatility of the truck mounted pump makes it one of the most popular choices of the large-scale concrete pump applications, while still keeping labor requirements to a minimum.

HBTS series mobile concrete pump

HBTS series mobile concrete pump

2. The Static Concrete Pump

While the static pump does not fall into the category of trailer mounted concrete pump, it must be discussed to understand the effectiveness of concrete pumps. The static concrete pump is a standalone concrete holder that requires a pipeline to be poured the concrete mixture. It is transported on a separate trailer and the pipeline meets the holder at the construction area. The pipeline consists of steel or rubber pipes linked together and secured to the pump.

The static concrete pump is a highly beneficial option in that it has the ability to make the pipeline as long as required to reach the intended construction site. A static concrete pump can be utilized on different project sites making it a practical tool for tunnel work.

3. The Truck Mounted Static Pump

The truck mounted static pump is a combination of the two previously discussed models. It is a static pump system that can be mounted on the rear of a truck; thereby, making it a mobile concrete pump application option. When choosing this option, it is important to take into account the type of truck being used as the vehicle will head straight to the construction site. This means that the truck needs enough storage space to hold the pipeline, which could easily reach a distance of over 100 meters in length.

What Points Need To Be Considered?

When choosing the correct high-quality concrete pump with diesel engine for a construction project, it is important to take into account the type of construction project being completed. When this is done, you can determine if a static or mobile option would be the most beneficial.

A Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Ideal Small Concrete Pump

If you are searching for the perfect small concrete pumps for sale to manage a construction project, or are simply looking to expand your knowledge regarding pump machinery before embarking on a project, it is vital that you know the difference in concrete pump designs. To find the small concrete pump to meet your specific construction project requirements needs certain information and it is recommended that one investigate three areas – the manufacturer, the purposes of the machine, and the price. All of these attributes contribute to the uniqueness of the concrete pump and inform you of whether or not they can be used in different situations. This article will provide information on how to review the areas and the points to take into account when searching for the ideal concrete pump mixer.

small concrete pump for sale

small concrete pump for sale

1. The Concrete Pump Manufacturer

As with the majority of construction equipment, there are drastic differences in manufacturing quality for concrete pumps. It is recommended that you consider the more trusted manufacturers, such as Schwing and Putzmeister, as they tend to be the most reliable companies. Pumping is performed under pressure and any low quality designs will break, underperform, or fail with costly results; therefore, using a trusted name is always worth pursuing because of their reliability and constant good performance.

2. The Purpose Of The Pump

It is not surprising that a small pump for concrete is designed with specific purposes and uses in mind. What is often most surprising is how complicated these purposes are and how different it makes the machinery. For the machinery to perform the task correctly, each design must be created to meet the specific purposes and used appropriately. It is here that you will see different types of concrete pumps being used with the primarily applications being the boom pumps, the trailer-mounted pumps, and the truck-mounted pumps.

The boom pump is the most versatile of the concrete pumps and tend to be placed on trucks or installed as separate placing booms. The truck-mounted boom is beneficial in that it allows faster setting up and removal of the arm, greater accuracy in concrete pouring, and more durability in multi-level pumping sites. The trailer-mounted pump is more powerful than the truck-mounted pump and is more beneficial when completing high pressure application projects. As can be seen, each of the concrete pumps have a different purpose and will be used in drastically different projects.

3. The Price Of The Pump

Arguably the greatest concern when choosing a small cement concrete pump is the price. The majority of companies will settle for low-performing pumps that are not suited for the demands of a project because they are cheaper than the other pump option. While prices for concrete pumps are high, many individuals opt for reduced hiring prices with used pump services. A used pump can still perform adequately without costing as much as a new concrete pump. If you have a specific pump need, buying a used pump can be beneficial and a good way of ensuring the right equipment is on hand when required.

Best Price For Concrete Trailer Pump

Picking up a quality concrete trailer pump (прицепные бетононасосы) might start to race around in your mind.

Where are you going to get it? Where are you going to find an exact price that doesn’t leave your budget in tatters? This is a question you will need to ask, and it is one you will find an answer to right here.

This is the best option for those who want to find a great price and know they are getting a bargain. You will not find a better concrete trailer pump and here are the reasons why for those who want to buy now.

прицепной бетононасос

прицепной бетононасос

Top Performance

Performance is where your mind will flutter as soon as you start looking for a new concrete trailer pump (Бетононасос-прицеп купить).

You don’t want to sacrifice performance for the sake of a lower price. The reason you are going to enjoy buying from here is knowing you are getting the best of both worlds. You are not sacrificing anything along the way.

You are going to get a good price, but the concrete trailer pump (бетононасос прицеп) will hit all the right metrics too. This is going to leave you content knowing the investment was a success. In the end, this is what it all comes down to.


The newness of a machine will always matter.

You will want something that is made from new materials and has just gone through the production line before coming to you. If there are used options, you are not going to want them. This is a brand-new machine that will only be used by you.

This is important because it will guarantee you are going to hit all the right metrics as soon as you want. You will not have to overlook what you are paying for, and it will be a good deal.

прицепной бетононасос

Дизельный прицепной бетононасос


The concrete trailer pump (http://aimixgroup.ru/pritsepnoy-betononasos/) is more than a good deal. It is going to offer you a solution that has been tested. This is key while getting a concrete trailer pump. You don’t want to add something that is inferior in quality or may start to stutter as soon as you use it harder.

This can happen with mediocre machinery that hasn’t weathered pressure before.

This pump isn’t going to cause distress because it has been tested in these high leverage situations and always passes with flying colors. You will be able to rely on it.

The concrete trailer pump is great for the price, and you are going to see its effects in action straight away. You will notice how fluently it works and the performance metrics it can produce. These aren’t easy to find elsewhere, and that is why you are going to want a solid pump immediately. The moment you start thinking about other pumps is when you will get a dud that doesn’t work at all! Don’t let that happen to you as it has happened to others.

Look at this one as your go-to pump (машина бетононасос) and know it will perform brilliantly.

Defining the Role Expectation from a Concrete Line Pump Operator

An employer expects something from each employer in every business settings. Whatever the assigned task may be, every employee has to do it by making use of his knowledge and also by making use of his or her experience, gained during his or her job tenure. When he or she becomes able to do his or her job in a better way, it is supposed that the employee is performing his or her role as per the expectation. Apart from your technical knowledge in using the line concrete pump for sale, when you would be skilled enough to communicate effectively with the team members, it would be a great option before you to get a lucrative job as the employers know the importance of the skills, required in doing a team work. Fulfillment of role expectation matters a lot in the development of an organization. When you play your role crucially, you will get a scope to develop in your professional life as well. The boss, being satisfied with your job, would like to promote you to the next position very quickly. Apart from getting the promotion, doing one’s job in the best way determines something more. Let be familiar with these particulars one after another in the next paragraphs.

Concrete Line Pump

In industries as well as some other business settings, the workers play their role being a part of a team.  We  also have concrete pump mixer. There is a great difference between working as a single worker and working as a part of a team. In these two cases, one has to act differently. Though everybody has an assigned role in the group works, still, everybody, individually also become responsible for fulfilling the objectives of the project. Therefore, you must have to do better, so that other team member also finds it suitable to do their role in a better way.  When people work in a chain system, which means that there is a sequence of a job, where the last person in the row does the last job, then the performance of the last person depends on the performances of the past people, who perform the work before him by use of concrete line pump.

Division of labor is an established theory in the business as well as other settings also. Therefore, where the need to divide works arises, people tend to follow the way. Though the job sometimes becomes complex in nature in some cases; still, it is advantageous also as people can carry out their work not only with their expertise knowledge but in less time as well. This is the reason; you should be apt enough to do a job though independently using concrete line pump  and other types of machine, such as diesel concrete pump for sale and electric concrete pump; still, you should be ready to play your role as per the expectation in the groups as well. No matter, whether you are playing the role of a concrete line pump operator or something else, you require adjusting appropriately with these two different settings quickly. This determines your experience as well as your skill in this field also.

In these days, when the requirement of experienced operators is on the rise, then you should be skilled enough in these fields so that you can ensure a job at a reputed agency. Make a step today to use concrete line pump. The mini concrete pump machine is fit for small construction site. You can choose a appropriate concrete pump.

Three Reasons To Use A Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

A simple project that most people can do on their own is creating a small area of concrete, such as a small patio, or perhaps just a flat area that you can use in your garden. However, larger projects such as a full-size patio, a sidewalk, the walkway leading up to your home, or anything that involves more than a couple bags of concrete, it’s important to use something more efficient than mixing it up yourself. Instead of breaking your back and spending a couple days on what could end up being a disaster, you should consider contacting a company that has a mounted concrete pump on the back of a truck that can help you finish your project. Here is a helpful website for you to refer to: http://concretemixerpumps.com/.

What Is A Truck Mounted Concrete Pump?

As the name seems to indicate, this is a concrete pump that is mounted on the back of a truck, one that can be driven out to any location for the concrete to be poured. The apparatus is actually very simplistic, designed to transfer liquid concrete using a pumping mechanism that is very efficient at sending it out fast. The ones that are for big jobs are typically attached to an industrial sized truck, or even large semi trailers, are called boom concrete pumps. You can see detailed information here: http://concretemixerpumps.com/truck-mounted-concrete-pump/.

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

They are usually remote-controlled, making it very easy for people to place the arm that will act as a conduit for the concrete, helping you distribute everything evenly so that it can be leveled out. This is used on some large construction projects, particularly where high volumes of concrete are needed. The reason that this is much more efficient is that instead of using a shovel, or dumping the concrete with a wheelbarrow which can be a slow tedious process, it can be spread out in a matter of minutes.

Other Types Of Concrete Pumps To Consider

For smaller jobs, line pump for sale are the ones that you will want to use, capable of pumping at lower speeds. They are designed for smaller jobs, and there are flexible hoses in place of the boom which is the outlet for the concrete. All of the hoses will be linked together, depending upon how many you need, and placed from the pump to the ground. Get more detailed info here: http://concretemixerpumps.com/line-concrete-pump-for-sale/.

For very small projects, and sometimes for things as large as a swimming pool, these are typically brought in for these smaller types of projects. You have likely seen them on the side of the road fixing a small area of the sidewalk, or where people are putting in a small walkway or driveway. Once you have found several companies that offer these services, they will direct you to the one that will help you the most, preferably for an affordable truck mounted concrete pump price.

After you have collected information on the different companies, and you have estimates on how much it will cost, you can choose the one that is the most affordable, and also a company that can deliver your concrete on your schedule. The smaller truck mounted concrete pumps are usually easy to access because the larger ones are typically at large job sites and are unavailable. The price that you pay can be discounted greatly as long as you compare the different businesses that offer these small line concrete pumping, devices that will help you get your concrete project done in no time.