Shredding – The First Step To Recycle Waste Tyres

There are millions of waste tyres that are sitting in landfills today. Millions more are added every single week. All over the world, these are sitting there in areas, completely unused, and they will not degrade for thousands of years. As a result of this, savvy inventors and investors decided to think of ways to process this material. They could be obtained for a very minimal amount of money. They also realized that the pyrolysis process could be used to create byproducts that could be marketable such as biochar and biofuel. Prior to anything going through a pyrolysis machine that can produce these products, everything needs to be shredded. Let’s look at the process of shredding these tyres that must be made in a certain way to go through a tyre pyrolysis reactor.

Tyre Shredding Machine

Tyre Shredder

What Is Shredding?

Shredding is simply the physical breakdown of the tyres themselves. If you think about an actual radial tyre, there is going to be rubber, steel, and other components that are all mixed together to make the tyres that we drive on. In order to extract only the rubber, the waste tyre pyrolysis process can only accept small pieces of the tyres. These are then put into the reactor so the process can occur once it reaches a certain temperature. However, they must be broken down physically into smaller sizes and that is where shredding comes in.

How Are The Tyres Shredded Into Smaller Pieces?

The tyres are shredded into smaller pieces by putting them through a machine which actually slices them up into smaller components. This then, using a conveyor belt, carries this to the pyrolysis reactor where they are put into the reactor itself. This process is a continual one, one that will continue processing until they run out of tyres to use. When this is installed in a landfill where there are millions of tyres, it could be working almost 24 hours a day nonstop, or until the pyrolysis machine needs to have updates or repairs.

Waste Tyre Shredder

Waste Tire Shredder Equipment

Where Do You Get These Shredding Machines?

These machines can be purchased from pyrolysis equipment manufacturers. They understand that the first stage of this process is converting all of the waste material into smaller components. Therefore, specific shredders are made that can handle plastic bottles, and the tyres that will go through this process. The shredders for tyres will be much more robust because of the density of the rubber that must be broken down into smaller components.

Getting great prices on these machines begins with looking at overseas companies that produce pyrolysis related machines. Especially those companies in China, they can always provide reasonable cost of tyre oil plant for sale. They will have everything that you will need, and if you are specifically requesting a pyrolysis machine that can break down rubber tyres, they will have the specific shredder that will be used with that device. Whether you are processing a couple hundred tyres a day, or several thousand, it will be able to handle the inflow of tyres. It is also possible to compare the different companies online, allowing you to make your purchase and save a lot of money yet get a quality tyre shredding device.