Types of Concrete Pumps: All You Should Know!

Any kind of task comes with its own challenges and so does construction. Because not every structure resembles one another in all aspects, machines should always be chosen carefully for a successful working experience.

Moving concrete up raised structures like road flyovers and skyscrapers could be much tough, but fortunately not with concrete pumps. A concrete pump for sale is a machine which moves liquid concrete from one point to another, usually from the mixer to the site. They have a wide range of advantages as well as applications.

concrete pump

concrete pump

Despite the presence of many different concrete pump models, they can always be classified into two main categories. These are:

• The Boom Concrete Pumps

These are the largest of all concrete pump models. Because of their high power of operation, boom pumps are suitable for use in large construction sites like tall buildings and extensively raised road sections. This means that concrete mobile pump can do a huge piece of work just within a short period. Such pumps are therefore considered highly economical since they result in a decreased labor requirement.

The technology used in boom concrete pumps is an amazing one. The robotic arm which does everything is controlled remotely so that, every single operation is very accurate.

• Line Concrete Pumps

Are usually not very big in size. They are mounted either on trucks or trailers. Unlike boom concrete pump portable, line pumps have a low volume capacity so they are unsuitable for the heavy workload. They are instead a better alternative for transferring concrete in much smaller construction sites. The key advantage working with a line concrete pump is that they are easy to move around and less expensive too.

How to Pick the Right Concrete Pump for Your Needs

Nothing else is of sound importance than knowing how to select the best device to use. Here are a few factors you may consider when looking for a concrete mortar pump.

i. Nature of the Project – certain jobs like normal pour, will require the concrete to be close to the site as much as possible. In such a case, the boom pump could be the best way to go. However, light operations such as decorative work will not require great proximity. In that case, the line concrete pumps will work.

ii. Size of the Site – construction sites vary widely in terms of size. For instance, others like residential homes as usually so restricted, and a trailer mounted concrete pump will help you out. On the contrary, boom pumps are well suited for open space sites.

iii. Durability – having gone for your best model doesn’t necessarily mean strength is guaranteed. You need a machine whose parts have been made of sturdy enough materials, so it can last long before beginning to experience any failures. Besides, durability also ensures that your operations will be pocket-friendly in the long run.

Therefore, it will always be very important to have an adequate understanding of any machine you are intending to purchase. Sometimes, everything doesn’t just end at the price stage and so, reading through various user guides will always be helpful. Make your choice today and enjoy the experience you truly deserve.