Points To Consider When Choosing A High-Quality Mobile Concrete Pump

Contrary to belief, there are several different types of methods that can be used to pour high volumes of concrete on a construction site. The most well known type of method is the standalone or static concrete pump holder, but this is not necessarily the most efficient when working in larger or more difficult to reach construction areas. When working in the latter places, the type of concrete pump used is a concrete pump truck. This is a reliable method of pouring concrete and moving concrete in an economical way.

mobile concrete pump for sale

mobile concrete pump for sale

Unfortunately, locating and using the concrete vehicles, which are mobile concrete pumps, can be complicated. This is due to the fact that the different types of projects require specific types of high-quality mobile concrete pumps which are made in Aimix China Machinery. This article will provide considerations to make when choosing the most suitable high-quality mobile concrete pump.

1. The Truck Mounted Mobile Concrete Pump

The truck-mounted mobile concrete pumps are beneficial in that they are able to combine placing a boom and pouring concrete pump. The placing boom systems on these trucks range from approximately 20 to 60 meters increasing the ease of concrete pouring into the ready mix pump. This concrete pump is also useful in quickly pouring high volumes of concrete within a long radius because of the length of the boom. The versatility of the truck mounted pump makes it one of the most popular choices of the large-scale concrete pump applications, while still keeping labor requirements to a minimum.

HBTS series mobile concrete pump

HBTS series mobile concrete pump

2. The Static Concrete Pump

While the static pump does not fall into the category of trailer mounted concrete pump, it must be discussed to understand the effectiveness of concrete pumps. The static concrete pump is a standalone concrete holder that requires a pipeline to be poured the concrete mixture. It is transported on a separate trailer and the pipeline meets the holder at the construction area. The pipeline consists of steel or rubber pipes linked together and secured to the pump.

The static concrete pump is a highly beneficial option in that it has the ability to make the pipeline as long as required to reach the intended construction site. A static concrete pump can be utilized on different project sites making it a practical tool for tunnel work.

3. The Truck Mounted Static Pump

The truck mounted static pump is a combination of the two previously discussed models. It is a static pump system that can be mounted on the rear of a truck; thereby, making it a mobile concrete pump application option. When choosing this option, it is important to take into account the type of truck being used as the vehicle will head straight to the construction site. This means that the truck needs enough storage space to hold the pipeline, which could easily reach a distance of over 100 meters in length.

What Points Need To Be Considered?

When choosing the correct high-quality concrete pump with diesel engine for a construction project, it is important to take into account the type of construction project being completed. When this is done, you can determine if a static or mobile option would be the most beneficial.