Rebar Cutting Machine Sizes

It is no secret to anyone who has worked in the construction industry for even a short period of time — sometimes space is tight. It could be that the building construction is occurring in a site that is sandwiched squarely and squeezed in among other occupied buildings or has geography making up its boundaries to create a tight space.

That means that every piece of construction equipment that is brought onsite needs to be more compact. There is a premium on space, and the coordination of equipment and movement of contractors needs to take place in harmony with the building plans and proper timing. For instance, the rebar cutter and bender must be able to fit alongside the concrete pouring team’s efforts.

Timing is everything at many points in construction and coordinating such efforts is key to making the project come together in accordance with the best practices for both the materials and the construction teams and overall schedule.

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Reinforced Concrete

Reinforcing concrete allows many strong structures to be built that can take on a myriad of different creative appearances, sizes, and styles. Such concrete is a composite whose strength requires the extra support of greater tensile strength from rebar, or steel reinforcement bars. It is placed within the curing concrete to reinforce it.

The rebar generally has ridges or cross-hatching or swirls on it to make it adhere to the concrete better. Smooth rebar has been used and has been affiliated with building collapses in the past. Rebar allows the steel to take on more of the load of the structure, as it is transferred from the concrete.

It comes in one-eighth-inch increments in ranges from no. 3 rebar to no. 18 rebar. No. 5 rebar is five-eights-of-an-inch in diameter, and no. 8 is one-inch in diameter. The length of rebar is typically in 20-inch rods. Many structures require that the rebar is bent.

Sheers are used to cut the rebar to size. As it turns out the cutting capacity for rebar is based upon the grade of rebar.

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Rebar Grading

It is graded based upon its strength and is recommended for different purposes depending upon the grade. 60 grade is the norm in construction, whereas 75 is required in such places as in a bridge, which has the highest standards.

Bigger structures that will see traffic require the right type of bar. As such the grade or diameter of rebar increases accordingly. When fabricating sidewalks, often times rebar is used to reinforce the structure, which prevents unwanted and unsafe cracking and breaking. For a bridge, the rebar is bigger and stronger, and capable of taking on high-volume traffic and a bigger load. So a rebar cutting and bending machineĀ is needed.

The changes in rebar size mean that a different size of cutting mechanism is necessary most likely. The cutters and bending tools are capable of fitting on site fairly well. Though, it is important to also have the right kind of rebar with a texture to ensure that it is truly able to reinforce the concrete. Ellsen Machinery can offer you best quality rebar processing machine. Click here to know more.

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