Shredding – The First Step To Recycle Waste Tyres

There are millions of waste tyres that are sitting in landfills today. Millions more are added every single week. All over the world, these are sitting there in areas, completely unused, and they will not degrade for thousands of years. As a result of this, savvy inventors and investors decided to think of ways to process this material. They could be obtained for a very minimal amount of money. They also realized that the pyrolysis process could be used to create byproducts that could be marketable such as biochar and biofuel. Prior to anything going through a pyrolysis machine that can produce these products, everything needs to be shredded. Let’s look at the process of shredding these tyres that must be made in a certain way to go through a tyre pyrolysis reactor.

Tyre Shredding Machine

Tyre Shredder

What Is Shredding?

Shredding is simply the physical breakdown of the tyres themselves. If you think about an actual radial tyre, there is going to be rubber, steel, and other components that are all mixed together to make the tyres that we drive on. In order to extract only the rubber, the waste tyre pyrolysis process can only accept small pieces of the tyres. These are then put into the reactor so the process can occur once it reaches a certain temperature. However, they must be broken down physically into smaller sizes and that is where shredding comes in.

How Are The Tyres Shredded Into Smaller Pieces?

The tyres are shredded into smaller pieces by putting them through a machine which actually slices them up into smaller components. This then, using a conveyor belt, carries this to the pyrolysis reactor where they are put into the reactor itself. This process is a continual one, one that will continue processing until they run out of tyres to use. When this is installed in a landfill where there are millions of tyres, it could be working almost 24 hours a day nonstop, or until the pyrolysis machine needs to have updates or repairs.

Waste Tyre Shredder

Waste Tire Shredder Equipment

Where Do You Get These Shredding Machines?

These machines can be purchased from pyrolysis equipment manufacturers. They understand that the first stage of this process is converting all of the waste material into smaller components. Therefore, specific shredders are made that can handle plastic bottles, and the tyres that will go through this process. The shredders for tyres will be much more robust because of the density of the rubber that must be broken down into smaller components.

Getting great prices on these machines begins with looking at overseas companies that produce pyrolysis related machines. Especially those companies in China, they can always provide reasonable cost of tyre oil plant for sale. They will have everything that you will need, and if you are specifically requesting a pyrolysis machine that can break down rubber tyres, they will have the specific shredder that will be used with that device. Whether you are processing a couple hundred tyres a day, or several thousand, it will be able to handle the inflow of tyres. It is also possible to compare the different companies online, allowing you to make your purchase and save a lot of money yet get a quality tyre shredding device.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Costs

Getting a waste tyre recycling equipment is a great idea as long as you are budgeting for one. Some people have the funds to invest in one and realize its potential but don’t know what the costs are going to be. If you are considering this as a viable investment for your needs, it is time to look at what the waste tyre recycling plant cost is going to be moving forward. Here are some of the details that are going to matter when it comes to this topic.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant In Indonesia

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant In Indonesia

General Expenses

It starts with the general expenses you are going to see with a waste tyre recycling plant.

These costs are going to vary based on who you are going to, and that is going to be touched on later in the article. However, there are general expenses of running the plant, and those have to be accounted for when it comes to the setup.

You don’t want to go with an investment where the energy expenditures are left unaccounted.

This is going to include how the waste tyre oil plant runs and how long it is going to run for during the day. Keep this in mind and pay attention to the power output.

Set Up Cost

What is the setup cost like when you get started with the waste recycling plants?

The cost is going to depend on who is coming in to put the plant together and where they are going to put it together. This information should be discussed between both parties as soon as possible because it can lead to a great fit.

Tyre to Oil Plant in Brazil

Tyre to Oil Plant in Brazil

A good and safe setup is going to save money and is going to ensure the deal is an ideal one in the long-run.

Think about this while figuring things out.

Comparing Sellers

Please remember, the sellers can vary depending on where you are going and who is selling. Some public sellers are going to set a higher price, which may not fit your budget. However, other private sellers are also ready to sell and can put together a fairer price.

What is the cost going to be like after everything is said and done?

It is going to sit near the $10,000 mark depending on who you go to and what they are willing to offer. These are negotiable costs, and it is essential to speak with the seller.

This information is going to matter to those who are looking to get a fair deal and want to do so as soon as possible. This agreement is going to make a noticeable difference and is going to lead to a real deal worth your while. You can learn more about the waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale here.

Look into this and make sure the waste tyre recycling plant costs are in line with your budget.

This is an investment you are going to enjoy, and it is going to bring back real returns as soon as you get started. For most, this is an ideal business opportunity and one to look forward to. Welcome to contact Beston sales consulting for more details.

How To Succeed By Creating A Plastic To Diesel Production Line

There is quite a bit of activity in the world today in regard to all things related to recycling. Countries are realizing that this is one of the most important industries to start focusing upon, not just because it is profitable, but because it can also help the environment. There are studies that have shown that billions of plastic bottles alone are thrown into landfills every single month, statistics that come from just a handful of countries. This does not represent an environmental hazard in regard to business. This represents a substantial way to generate millions of dollars which can happen using the process of pyrolysis. In particular, it is possible to create diesel fuel in the form of bio-oil which is a viable substitute. For those that are looking for inexpensive ways to get diesel fuel, pyrolysis plants can create this for them. As long as they have access to a substantial amount of plastic, they will have a very lucrative business. Here is what you need to know about getting into the plastic to diesel oil plant to get started in this industry.

plastic oil distillation plant

Plastic oil to diesel distillation plant for sale

How Plastic Is Converted Into Diesel Fuel

It is possible to turn plastic into diesel fuel by putting it through the pyrolysis process. It begins with chipping up all of the plastic into smaller pieces, and with the conveyor belt, putting it into a pyrolysis reactor. Oxygen is removed, and this is within the reactor gets to the point where there is a chemical breakdown of the plastic into biofuel and biochar. This can then be sold to companies that are looking for charcoal for their business, or those that use diesel fuel regularly at a much lower price.

Getting Started In This Industry

You can get started in this industry very easily by finding a reputable company that can sell you a pyrolysis unit. Once it is set up, and everyone has been trained on how to use it, you can start to make a substantial amount of revenue. The amount of money that is made is always dependent upon two factors which include the size of the plant, and the amount of plastic that is available. It is feasible for a landfill, for instance, to supply a pyrolysis plant for years or decades, especially if more plastic is being deposited every single day. You can easily find people that will purchase the biofuel from you, and once you have a substantial number of clients, you will start to see why this is one of the more lucrative ways to operate in environmentally friendly as is.

You will find several companies that sell them, many of which will be in the Orient, a place that most people go to when looking for quality affordable pyrolysis technology. After finding one of these businesses, you will be very easy for you to purchase one and get started in your country. It may be the most profitable aspect of your business, especially for those that have a virtually endless supply of plastic to use and customers that are nearby that use diesel fuel regularly.

A Plastic Into Fuel Machine For Sale Could Interest You If Your City Is Buried In Plastic Waste

As researchers find out more about the serious side effects of burning plastics it scares more people into not using them every day. In addition to that, throwing plastic products into the landfills is also fraught with danger. Many of them take nearly 1,000 years to break down and meanwhile they leach small amounts of oil and other toxins into the soil. Any plastic that ends up being thrown out as litter can injure or kill many types of wildlife and even domestic pets.

Plastic Into Fuel Machine For Sale

Plastic Into Fuel Machine For Sale

With Plastic Pyrolysis Machine for Sale There Now Is A Solution

One excellent way that scientists have discovered to eliminate the scourge of plastic waste is to convert plastic into oil and other primary ingredients. This can give you a slight pause since you’ve already heard that burning most plastics releases toxic chemicals into the air. Some of them even make dioxin in small amounts which is one of the most poisonous chemicals known to man.

But, with a plastic pyrolysis machine, the plastics aren’t burned but heated up to about 450F degrees without oxygen present. When there isn’t any oxygen to combine with, most products don’t burn, but break down into their primary ingredients. In the case of plastics, that means oil, gas, carbon and some ash. The pyrolysis plant can separate each of these ingredients for later sale, and some are worth quite a bit of money.

convert plastic into oil

Convert plastic into oil

The oil products can be further separated into light, medium, and heavy oils, some are even burned as fuel by the pyrolysis plant itself. Others can be sold as commodities where they are burned as industrial fuels, mixed with diesel to run trucks, or made into lubricants, or refined plastic to diesel. The carbon, many times called carbon black, can be used in the manufacture of tires where it’s sold very competitively on the open market. The leftover ash can also be used in many chemical manufacturing processes like making cement.

As you can see, the plastic to fuel machine sales that you’ll find online can be a great way for most municipalities to turn a horrible plastic waste problem into a real money making enterprise. Not only can they charge waste haulers for many kinds of plastic wastes, but they can generate revenue from the sale of the byproducts.

One huge advantage of recycling your plastics in this manner is that they don’t have to be separated into their various types. Many of the most common types aren’t even recyclable, plus the thousands of man hours that it takes to separate them totally negates their value on the open market. With a pyrolysis machine, you can merely dump the plastics on a conveyor belt and let it run all day and night, non-stop. Some can even accept tires at the same time, eliminating another huge waste problem. Contact us for detailed pyrolysis plant business plan.

There are still plenty of cities and counties across the continent that haven’t found a good plastic into fuel machine sale to take advantage of. But if your city is still one of those you should start now and start making money from the plastic and tire waste that is picked up daily in the trash.

Converting Waste Plastic Into Diesel Fuel Through Pyrolysis

It is becoming more well-known that the biofuel that is produced through the pyrolysis process can be used as a substitute for diesel fuel. It is a cost-effective way to fuel all of your vehicles that may use diesel motors. It is common for people to purchase this biofuel from companies that produce it regularly. However, if you have access to a substantial amount of plastic waste, and you are able to utilize some of your employees to operate a pyrolysis plant, this could be a fantastic way to generate fuel for your business and also make more money. Converting waste plastic to diesel fuel through pyrolysis is a simple process that we will now present.

making diesel from plastic plant

making diesel from plastic plant

How Pyrolysis Works With Plastic

The word pyrolysis actually has a dual meaning. It can be represented as the breakdown of the molecular structure of materials. It also references the fact that heat is used, but it must be used apart from oxygen. In order for the heat to induce a chemical reaction that will affect plastic at a molecular level, the oxygen cannot be present or else combustion will occur which will prevent the process from happening. Once it has been heated to a high enough temperature, the fuel can then be produced. The byproduct of pyrolysis of waste plastic leads to biochar or charcoal, and the biofuel is what is used in place of diesel.

plastic oil distillation plant

plastic oil distillation plant

Does It Take A Special Machine To Do This?

This process actually requires several different separate components which work in tandem together. There is the machine that will grind all of the plastic into smaller pieces, like a wood chipper does to wood. This goes into a pyrolysis reactor, a large drum where the reaction will occur. Everything is heated up, and it will allow the gases to escape into specific areas, and the cyclone will separate the biochar from the bio oil, completing the process.

Where Do You Get Machines That Can Do This?

It is well-known that these machines work very well with both plastic and rubber. They are also used for virtually any type of biomass and even oil sludge recovery. As the world becomes more focused on the state of our environment, which it needs to be, these machines will become much more useful as time passes. To imagine that entire landfills with plastic bottles and tires will soon represent viable sources of energy, it is a very promising thought. These machines can be obtained from companies that produce them in mass, many of which are located in the Orient. They market their products on websites like Alibaba, but they can also be found in the search engine results, some of which are the most respected companies in the industry.

Your choice for a pyrolysis machine will depended upon the price that it will cost and also the output. You can start converting waste plastic into diesel shortly after you have everything set up, as long as you have an ample supply of plastic that can be processed. The ability to do this is based upon modern technology that will continue to improve. Converting plastic to diesel fuel is now very easy to accomplish, and you can also start to do this once you have purchased your pyrolysis plants.

The Advantages of Tires to Oil Pyrolysis Technology

Waste tires are one of the biggest sources of air pollution in the world; people burn waste tires openly for different purposes that cause high air pollution. Lack of tire recycling machines makes this situation worst, but now lot’s of environment saving NGOs and other organizations helping people to set up tire recycling plants in different part of the country. These plants not only assist in saving the environment but also give employment to a significant number of unemployed people.

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Tire pyrolysis machine is widely used in many countries since it doesn’t cause any pollution. This plant conducts a process which is oil pyrolysis technology in which the whole of the plastic scraps is treated at an elevated temperature. This process is conducted in a closed container without the presence of oxygen.

It is a very clear fact that the products that are made up of plastic can be very harmful to all of the living beings when it is piled up in a surrounding area. Polythene, one form of plastic, are more likely to be eaten up by animals, and thus causes many digestive problems in them. When plastic scraps or wastes are incinerated in a surrounding area may release a substance called carcinogen into the atmosphere. A carcinogen is a very harmful substance, and one may suffer from the breathing problems when it is inhaled.

Dumping is Banned and Bad

In many of the countries, dumping of the plastic scrap is banned because of its several harmful effects. One of the reasons to ban dumping of plastic scraps is because a chemical called acrylonitrile used in making synthetic plastic materials. When these plastic materials are dumped, then there are more chances of seeping out of the acrylonitrile chemical and may get mixed with underground water polluting it. Therefore, many countries have researched for a longer time and developed the best way to decompose plastic scrap i.e. through pyrolysis plants.

Oil pyrolysis technology of plastic wastes is very simple and doesn’t involve any complexity. In this plant, the whole of the plastic wastes or scraps that are generated during the manufacturing process is accumulated in a closed chamber. These plastic scraps are then incinerated at a very high temperature in the absence of oxygen. One of the important things to burnt plastic wastes in the pyrolysis plant is that it doesn’t release harmful substances into the air since the whole process is carried out in an air-tight chamber.

Oil pyrolysis technology is helpful to the industries that are producing more plastic scraps because these plastic scraps would be incinerated without causing any pollution.

waste tyre pyrolysis plant to turkey

waste tyre pyrolysis plant to turkey

You need to identify suppliers that offer you service guarantees. When you get a service guarantee as it’s one of the advantages of tires to oil pyrolysis technology, you can say surely that if anything were to happen to the equipment, you could get it serviced as and when needed without anything stopping your set up. Once you have a list of at least three or four suppliers, you should go ahead and call them or email them with regards to your requirement.

Once you receive some emails with quotes in your in the box, request our site engineer to sit down with you and go through all the estimates carefully. Once you are sure about the company you want to place your order with, call them up and place the order and wait for the equipment to arrive at your doorstep.

All About The Significance of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Machine Cost

With over a million vehicles on the road every day, the use and importance of tires is quite undeniable. Tires are made of a chemically enhanced rubber which is very durable as well as toxic. The use of these tires simultaneously increases its wastage.

Tires are discarded everywhere, and this tends to increase pollution and ultimately diseases. Discarded tires are also burnt which releases huge amounts of toxic gasses into the environment which is extremely harmful to humans. It is quite difficult to extinguish the fire used to burn tires as it can burn for years together. This can adversely affect the environment by polluting soil, water, and air; and the only solution to this alarming situation is tired recycling with tyre pyrolysis plant for sale.

Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant

Continuous Tyre Pyrolysis Oil Plant

Advantages of waste tyre oil plant

There are many benefits of recycling tires, and some of them are as follows:

Saves space: by recycling tires, a huge amount of space can be saved where the used tires are discarded. It considerably saves spaces filled in the junkyards.

Prevents spread of diseases: tires are known to be breeding grounds for mosquitoes which tend to spread some dangerous and fatal diseases. Tire recycling helps to prevent the spread of such diseases.

Reduces energy consumption: by recycling the old used tires, plenty of energy is saved. Gallons of oil are required for manufacturing new tires and by recycling old tires, consumption of oil are reduced to a great extend thereby saving natural resources.
Prevents pollution: tire recycling helps to reduce the emission of poisonous gas into the atmosphere. The chemicals emitted from the burning tires are harmful to human health.

Reduces land pollution: tires are no longer discarded as it can be recycled effectively.

New tires: recycling old and used tires lead to the production of new recycled tires.

Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machine

Uses of waste tyre pyrolysis oil machine

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, waste tyres pyrolysis plant has many other benefits as these recycled parts of tires can be used for the following:

Tires can be used to make carpet underlays, rubber mats, roof pads, stall mats, sandal bottoms. Parts of tires can also be used as shower tiles, speed bumps, commercial flooring and as fuel. Get the waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost here.

Recycled tires parts can also be used as asphalt for athletic tracks and roads. New treads can be put on old tires and reused again as new recycled tires. It can also be used in playgrounds and children parks.

Different types of tire recycling equipment are available today which helps to recycle unwanted and used tires. The first recycling equipment was introduced in the year 1820, and it was called ‘Masticator.’ It proved to be very useful in waste tire pyrolysis plant cost. The tires were shared and mashed together to form new materials. Click here to know more:

Nowadays there are quite a variety of equipment used for waste tyre pyrolysis oil machine. These equipment help to extract the steel wires from the tire, crush the tires, remove the fiber from the crushed tires and so forth. The scrap tyre recycling plant can be bought online from the suppliers listed in the online directories.

Advantages Of Oil Sludge Recycling Pyrolysis Plant

Oil sludge is the by-product when producing oil, mixed with water, oil, and solid sediment, which is a dangerous waste but has high recycling value. With the increasingly strained supply of oil assets, numerous nations are doing scrutinizes in oil slop reusing innovation. The pyrolysis innovation is drawing the wide consideration of analysts everywhere throughout the world with its preferences of transfer altogether and high vitality reusing. The correct oil slop treatment is vital since these waste materials are dangerous to human and environment.

The oil sludge is for the most part created from oil generation, stockpiling, refining, and transportation. Legitimate treatment of oil slime is fundamental since it is risky to human and environment. The oil slime waste pyrolysis plant designed by Beston Henan Machinery can proficiently change over oil ooze into oil, solids, and water, which can take care of the contamination issue as well as can accomplish the economical utilization of assets.

oil sludge recycling plant

Oil Sludge Recycling Plant Installed in Nigeria

The oil produced using oil muck can be broadly utilized as fuel oil as a part of commercial ventures, for example, steel and iron and evaporator production lines, pottery, force or concoction businesses, and so on. What’s more, it can be utilized for generators to get power. In addition, the other two sorts of final items will be without contamination after prepared by our innovation.

The oily sludge treatment plant includes clump working plant, self-loader working plant, and completely programmed working plant. The cluster sort doesn’t require pre-treatment gadgets, and it discards oil ooze by bunch. The self-loader sort can work for 3-4 shifts for each day and afterward its reactor needs around 1 hour to chill off. The completely programmed sort can work ceaselessly for 24 hours for each day without a stop. Every arrangement of the plant is ensured in best quality and the most sensible cost.

The oil slime treatment plant primarily comprises of the pre-treatment framework, reactor, complex, oil condenser, hydro seal and other hardware.

Because of the adoption of new technology, all those parts work together well, and our pyrolysis plant has the following advantages.

oily sludge treatment

Oily Sludge Treatment Plant

Advantages Of Oily Sludge Treatment Plant:

(1)The raw materials are fed by the screw conveyor, so the base will not move.

(2)The screw conveyor is fully enclosed during pyrolysis process and has small feeding inlet, so the gas will not leak, and danger can be avoided.

(3)It uses the renewable heating method, which can not only save fuel but also strengthen the lifespan of the reactor.

(4)The fumes gas will be reused to be utilized as a part of the warming procedure, which can spare fuel and diminish contamination.

(5)In the dedusting framework, three particularly composed strides are utilized to dedust the hot smoke, which can ensure the discharged smoke is spotless.

By utilizing oil sludge recycling pyrolysis machines for sale, you can get fuel oil, water and solids. All the finished items are accessible vitality. For instance, the oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plant can be utilized as fuel oil as a part of commercial enterprises, for example, steel and iron processing plants, earthenware production, force or substance businesses or inns, eateries, and so forth.

The Pyrolysis Machine Can Solve Your Waste Tire Problems Safely

Nearly the entire world is buried in waste and the largest percentage of that waste is plastic and rubber which won’t biodegrade for thousands of years. There have been many plans to reduce this waste, from burning it to recycling it, but most have failed up until lately. Now, there is a euqipment called tire pyrolysis machine that can safely reduce these products into their original ingredients.

Tire Pyrolysis MachineStoring Old Tires Is Dangerous

Many cities and states have had so many used tires on hand that in some places they just pile them up hundreds of feet deep, not really knowing what to do. The problem with this scenario is that just an odd spark from a homeless camp can start them burning and all the fire trucks in the world won’t extinguish the flames.

The smoke from burning tires is thick, black, noxious, and toxic to breathe. A tire fire can burn for months or more, leaving a wasteland of residue that nothing will grow on for years. Even if they don’t catch fire, they fill up with water that breeds mosquitoes which causes problems with mosquito-borne diseases for miles around.

For years tires were sent to landfills, unfortunately, they keep rising to the top because of their slick elastic make-up. Once on top of the landfill, they hold water which again, breeds mosquitoes. When cities tried to charge extra for throwing them away, people just dumped them in forests, streams, and rivers where they pile up on the banks and are a huge eyesore. But, there is a tire recycling plant for sale can solve this problem for good.

Tire Pyrolysis Machine For Sale

With The New Tire Pyrolysis Machines, They Can Be Safely Recycled

Pyrolysis is a process that uses extreme heat to break down the rubber into more basic chemicals. The key is to heat the rubber to a high temperature, about 400 F degrees while with holding oxygen from the process. Without oxygen, the rubber can’t burn so it breaks down without releasing toxic fumes.

The end result is fuel oil, gas and carbon plus some steel from the steel belts. The oil is first used to power the pyrolysis machine, making it cheaper to run and operate. The rest of the oil can be used in many industries where it is used for heat, or it can be refined into diesel fuel to run cars and trucks.

The gases released from the process can be used in similar ways as natural gas or propane, it can be sold to the gas company and mixed with natural gas, then piped to homes. The carbon black produced from tyre pyrolysis is an ingredient in the manufacture of tires and rubber, so it can be sold as a commodity on the open market.

There is a tire recycling plant for sale on the internet that can be purchased and set up nearly anywhere there are plenty of tires. Some of the machines are able to accept all kinds of plastics, used motor oil, wood debris and other waste products and turn them into usable, sellable commodities. In many cases, you can actually charge for accepting the waste materials in addition to making money from the products produced by the process. This makes for a real win-win situation that saves the environment at the same time.

If you planning to buy a tire recycling plant,please go to visit this link

Why A Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Is An Environment Miracle

Nearly every city or municipality in the world has a garbage problem, it’s piled high in landfills, being thrown in rivers, and it’s overflowing in the streets. Two huge components of garbage that take many thousands of years to degrade are waste plastics and tires. Tires are especially hard to dispose of because they rise to the top of landfills continuously, filling up with water and breeding mosquitoes, and can catch fire releasing toxic fumes. However, there is now an economical way to recycle tires and plastics by using  a process called pyrolysis. Our latest continuous tyre pyrolysis plant can effectively finish this tire pyrolysis process by using high temperature heating.

Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Simply Burning Your Garbage Isn’t The Answer

Some will say that most of the garbage should be shredded and then burned to reduce it to ashes, reducing the volume, and making the tire problem disappear. However, the pollutants released when many waste products burn are highly toxic. When things burn, they mix with oxygen and the combination chemicals can be lethal. This poisons the air, the land, and if leached into the water, kills all the fish.

In nearly every country waste incineration has been tried, but the result is toxic for those around the incineration plants and anyone down wind or down stream as well. Regulations have been imposed that make burning garbage illegal or too expensive for most of the burning plants to survive.  If you need the help of the tyre recycling machine, Beston is really a kind of useful source for you.

Now With Pyrolysis, There Is A Safer Way To Recycle Wastes

OK, so you’re thinking that pyrolysis is going to be polluting the same as a waste incinerator, but that’s not the case. The simple way to explain pyrolysis is that it bakes the waste at an extremely high temperature while withholding the oxygen needed to catch fire. Without the oxygen, the waste separates into some of its basic components like oil, gas and carbon that can be used in many industries as ingredients to make other products.

Continuous Tire Pyrolysis Plant

In fact, a continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant can actually consume many tons of waste tires per day while producing usable oil, carbon black, and methane gas. When captured, these waste products can be sold to industrial clients and the pyrolysis plant can actually be profitable as well.

Recycling Plastics Is Difficult Because Of The Different Types

One huge problem with recycling all of the plastic items that get thrown into the landfills is that each type needs to be separated and recycled differently using a special process. All of this separating and sorting has to be done by hand using the codes stamped into the bottles. This is a very labor intensive, high cost, dirty job for humans to do. Plus, many of the plastics aren’t recyclable at all.

However, with no sorting, mixed plastics, tires, rubber, waste oil, plastic car parts and even wood waste can all be fed into a continuous waste tire recycling plant and then turned into basic ingredients that can be sold for a profit. The machine can work 24 hours per day, shredding, baking, and separating the gas, oil and carbon for later sale.

If you are looking at saving the environment while reducing the volume of your landfills, look no further than a Beston pyrolysis plant ( They are actual money makers using basically free fuel to make commodities that can be sold for a profit. Turning free garbage into money without making an environmental catastrophe is a dream come true. For more detailed information about the plant, such as the cost of tyre pyrolysis plant, the pyrolysis process and so on, please don’t hesitate to consult us at any time.