The Good Thing About Antique Carousels And Why You Should Restore Them

Many people have grown up experiencing the carousels from the park or with the fair. Our memories range from the mirrors, the lights, along with the band organ playing lively music. You might also keep in mind the horses around the carousel, even the one you rode. Maybe you can visualize what was carved behind the saddle or how muscled the horses were. Maybe the antique horse carousels had art about the structure such as landscapes or even gargoyles. Some carousels tend to be more magical than others. Throughout a certain era, carousels were breathtaking, intricate works of art. These early carousels were each unique, unlike those of today which are standardized and made in a factory.

These antique carousels were gorgeous and there are many companies today bringing back these hand-carved, wooden carousels. In today’s arena of fiberglass carousels the location where the popular high return merry go round ride for sale  animals are typical formed from the same mold, these antique carousels are endangered. Carousels were most favored throughout their Golden Age from your 1890s towards the 1920s. During this time, there have been between 2,000 and three,000 hand-painted and hand-carved carousels within the usa. Today, you will find no more than 150 operating within America. Of the antique carousels, just about twelve may be completely restored to their former glory.

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Beston 24 seats deluxe carousel for sale

One good reason for this is the fact many dealers today sell individual aspects of the carousel, rather than attempting to restore the whole carousel. It is way more lucrative to promote a number of of your individual horses or another menagerie carousel animals. This trend began about 40 years ago when collectors began buying the hollow-bodied wood animals. To fully restore a carousel means bringing it to modern safety standards. This is often quite expensive. However, You could find reproduction carousel horses at which would meet your park requirements.

Within the 1970s, the National Carousel Association was formed to advocate for your restoration of entire carousels. Preservationists, carousel lovers, and history buffs came together to try to increase knowledge of carousel history and assist collectors to save entire carousels.

Among the primary goals in the National Carousel Association is usually to educate people on how carousel animals were made and other important facts from carousel history. The Association knows that collectors will still collect, therefore they work with these to help educate the public on all facets of carousel history.

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Beston kiddie carousel ride for sale

During the 80s and 90s, collectors were very active. This is where the need for the carousel animals peaked. Prices eventually began dropping because the market became saturated. Today, however, more and more people understand how important it is actually to preserve antique carousels rather than collecting the person animals. Collectors with the means are purchasing entire carousels to keep them intact.

Lots of people who actually remember riding an antique carousel are reaching their 80s and 90s as well as the collecting fervor is dying away. This simply means the other antique carousels are in danger of becoming extinct. Visit to select your favorite vintage merry go rounds.

The Association is making an effort to construct awareness and desire for restoring and collecting entire antique carousels rather than taking them apart and selling the average person animals one at a time. It is essential to attempt to save these beautiful works of art to ensure today’s youngsters can ride them, too.


Most Popular Carousel Animals When Kids Ride

Whenever children go to a carnival, or the local fair, they can help but go to the merry-go-round carousel , a place were most kids gravitate to, which is why they are typically placed out in front. Some of them are very large, holding as many as 50 people at a time, whereas others are much smaller. The reason that kids love these carousel for sale rides is because they go around in a circle, and they can also ride on their favorite animal as they are going around. Here’s what you need to know about him merry-go-round’s and the many different carousel animals, some of which are favorites with most kids today.

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What Are Merry-Go-Rounds?

A merry-go-round, or a carousel , is a circular device that is found at most state fairs and carnivals today. They are designed to spin in a circle, going either clockwise or counterclockwise, and they have a host of different animals that are attached by polls. The polls will go up and down, allowing the children to feel like they are actually writing one of these animals. They typically go very slow, though the larger ones tend to spin faster because the circumference, at a regular speed, would appear to make it a very slow ride. More fairground carousels can be found at

Favorite Carousel Animals

According to most statistics, the most popular carousel animal that is used by kids is either the horse or the zebra. For some reason, kids love to ride on horses, and this is followed up by those that look like giraffes, ostriches, elk, tigers, and even little dogs. If you have children, you will definitely know which one is their favorite the moment that you take them because they will automatically get on their animal of choice. Each child is different, which is why there are so many different animals on each of the carousels , offering every child a choice once they get on board.

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