Tools For Repairs On An Automatic Wire Stirrup Bender

When you do create stirrups for your construction business (su negocio de la construcción), you are going to use one of many different types of machines. Some of them are manually operated, whereas others are automatic, and it just depends on how many construction projects that you are responsible for. It is something that is a definite component that must be part of any industrialized construction business. However, things can go wrong and you may have to repair your automatic wire stirrup bender, and there are certain tools that you will need to have in order to make these repairs possible.

HGTW4-12A-CNC wire stirrup bender

What Tools Do You Need?

The tools that you will need can be very generic (se puede muy genérico) but also very specific. For example, you are going to need a ranch, sockets, screwdrivers, and occasionally a mallet in order to take everything apart, and then get it back together again. There are specific tools that you may need that are only available from the company that you have purchased the product from. They can vary depending upon the type of unit that you own. The manufacturer of this device will be able to tell you what you will need, and will likely have it available for purchase so that if you ever do need to make repairs, they will be at your facility.

Stirrup Bending Machine2

When Should You Order These?

You should consider ordering these at the same time that you actually get the automatic wire stirrup Bender (obtener la estribadora de fierro automático). This way, if anything does go wrong, you will not have to wait several days, or even several weeks, in order to get the tools to your location. This is just something that can make it very easy for you to do the repairs, particularly if you do have someone that specializes in repairing this type of equipment, and it can be back up and running in a matter of a few minutes or hours.

HGTW4-12-CNC wire stirrup bender

How Much Will You Have To Pay For Them?

Again, this is a matter of how much you are actually paying for the unit, its size, and also its complexity. More than likely it will only cost you a few hundred dollars (cien dólares) for the tools that will be necessary to make most of the most common repairs. Even if you do have tools of your own, and also workers that are able to fix virtually anything that you have at your facility, it’s good to know that you have the exact equipment and tools that will be necessary to make these repairs easy.

Businesses that are able to order these tools in advance in order to make repairs will be better off than most (mejor que la mayoría). Otherwise, you may have to send off your automatic wire stirrup bender to a different location to be worked on by someone that actually has all of the tools that will be used during the repair itself. Simply order them at the same time that you get your stirrup bender, and you will have very few problems at all keeping up with any difficulties that may arise.

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5 Tips On How To Protect Yourself And Steel Bar Bending Machine

A steel bar bending machine  is used for bending bars made of steel and heavy metals. These machines are used in building and construction (utilizado en edificio y la construcción). These machines can be used to bend steel at accurate angles. Therefore, it is important to follow important precautions when you are using steel bar bending machine.


Here are 5 tips for protecting yourself and the steel bar bending machine.

1: Read Instruction Manual

The first thing that you might want to do is to read and understand the steel bar bending machine’s instruction manual (el manual de instrucciones de la máquina dobladora). These machines are very powerful and they should not be operated by inexperienced people. Before operating the machine, you must understand properly how the machine functions and its method of operation.

If you are operating the steel bending machine for the first time, you must first get firsthand training from someone who is experienced. You might injure yourself if you don抰 know how to operate the machine properly. Therefore, you will be safe if you know how to operate the steel bending machine properly (la máquina de doblado fierro correctamente).

2: Wear Safety Gloves, Goggles and Protective Footwear

Working with steel bar bending machine is very risky. You should handle the heavy steels bars carefully.  Accidents might happen when you are using the machines. Wear thick safety goggles when you are using the machine. The goggles protect the eyes from flying rods or particles. Thick gloves protect your palms and fingers (protege las palmas de las manos y los dedos) when you are handling heavy steel bars. Wear thick footwear so that you can operate the foot pedal properly.

3: Hand Placement

You should be careful about this, especially when you are using the machine on a bender table. Be careful where you place your hands when the machine is bending the steel bar towards the roller. Serious accidents and permanent injuries might happen if you are not careful.

4: Warm up the Machine

Warm the steel bar bending machine for a few machines (dobladora de fierro para algunas máquinas), especially in cold weather. This helps to get best results and for safe operation. Warming up the machine sets it in motion, so you will get better results. It is also important to warm up the machine because it reduces the stress on the steel bar bending machine

5: Proper Placement

Hold the steel bar parallel to the steel bender before bending it. Proper angling and placement of the steel bar is important if you want to get the best end result. It is also good for your safety. Choose the correct bending angle and then place the steel bar parallel to the bender table before you start bending it. Wrong placement can cause the steel bar to bend at incorrect angle. And the bar may hit you, leading to an injury.

These are the tips on how to protect yourself and steel bending machine (protegerse y proteger a máquina dobladora de fierro). Operating this machine is risky. You might injure yourself, so you need to be careful when you are using it. You can use the tips mentioned above to protect yourself and the machine.

Manual Rebar Benders And Their New Role In The Construction Industry

Even though automation is a very important component of any successful construction company (exitosa empresa de construcción), it is also good to have backup when it comes to all of the electronic and hydraulic equipment (equipos de electrónicos e hidráulicos) that is available out there, and this is very true when it comes to rebar bending machines. The use of rebar at construction sites is of utmost importance. These can be used when building foundations, different cement components of a structure, and there are several other uses. The speed at which you were able to cut and configure the different pieces that you need can actually play a large role in how many jobs you are able to complete. Manual rebar benders have actually taken on a new role in the construction industry, and that is what we will now present.


Manual Rebar Benders

There are three different types of rebar benders (tipos de dobladoras de fierro corrugado) that you can get. Some are fully automated which means they will be programmable, allowing you to set when they are cut, how they are bent, and how many pieces will be made. Those that are semi automatic (semiautomático) can also be programmed, but will require an individual or two to monitor it, and also feed the rebar into the system. Manual rebar benders are going to be the slowest of the three in regard to production, but they can still provide a very viable alternative to the other rebar benders that exist. The main change in the market has been a focus upon completing smaller jobs, those that are at remote locations, which can actually bring in a substantial amount of money.


Their Role In The Construction Industry

Their main role in the construction industry is simply a backup plan, but due to the expansion of businesses into taking on smaller jobs, they have become much more important. For example, if you are going to a job site which is relatively small, but you are earning a substantial amount of money for the few hours that you will be there, you can take one of these manual rebar benders with you, and complete the job even if you do not have electricity or a generator on your vehicle.


How Much Do They Cost In Most Cases?

The cost of these can vary depending upon their size, the angle that they are able to bend the rebar (doblado el fierro corrugado), and whether or not they come with a cutting mechanism. Most of them are usually less than $1000, and it will be an investment in a very positive direction. If you have never thought about expanding into taking on smaller jobs because you thought that there was not that much money, if you have multiple employees that are trained at completing such projects, by providing them with manual rebar benders, you can actually look forward to tens of thousands of dollars of additional revenue throughout the month by having these manual tools (estas herramientas manuales) at your disposal that can be purchased overseas, or perhaps even at a distributor near you.

How To Find The Best Bar Cutting Machine

A bar cutting machine is an essential equipment in the construction industry. Bar cutters make the necessary task of cutting bars go much easier and faster. These machine automate the process so you can get a lot of bars cut quickly. You will find these machines at construction sites and there are models that can be used both indoors and outdoors and that are portable or stationary. Read on to learn more about choosing the right bar cutting machine.

bar cutting machine

One of the first things you need to determine is how many bars you are going to be cutting with the machine. Different machines are going to have different capacities and you want to make sure the machine you choose is going to be able to handle the amount of rebar you need cut. You also have to keep the size of the bars in mind. Some machines can only handle bars up to a certain thickness, so you want to make sure the machine can handle the thickness of the bars you need cut.

Next you need to determine where the machine is going to go and how much space it is going to take up. You have to make sure you have enough room for the machine. If you are going to be using the machine outside and moving it around a lot, you might want to consider a portable cutter machine. The portable machines are light and easy to carry and you can move them around the job site easily. They are also fast and can cut bars quickly.

Stationary machines are the fastest and can cut the most bars, but you can’t take them to the job site. You have to cut the bars in advance and then take them to the job site. You should always have a portable machine at the job site anyway to trim off any bars that didn’t get cut properly.

Where you buy your bar cutter is an important consideration as well. You want to make sure your bar cutter is sold by a reputable supplier and you want it to be built well. The feeder should be easy to operate and have a design that makes the portable cutter easy to carry. You want a machine that isn’t going to need a lot of repairs and requires minimal maintenance. You also want it to be fairly quiet.

bar cutter machine

Bar cutting machines provide superior service and they make your work go much easier. As long as you take the time to figure out the exact machine you are going to need, you won’t have much trouble with the machine. You don’t want to invest in a machine that is not going to work for your needs because you will need to buy a new one if that happens. You need to to know what your exact requirements are going to be before you start shopping for the machine. Bar cutting machines make your work go faster. Ellsen offers you best quality cutting machine. Click here to know more

How To Bend A Pipe By Using An Upright Adjustable Reinforcement Pipe Bender

An innovative device that was created for people that are using pipe on a regular basis is the reinforcement pipe bender. These units are designed to work with electrical pipes that are used when installing new homes or buildings, and can work with other metals as well. It is common for people to purchase them to work with flat iron, stainless steel pipe, and also square tubes. The fact that they are adjustable takes them a multifaceted tool that is used by many electricians and contractors, and invaluable wrought iron device that works in the following way.

reinforcement pipe bender

How Do They Work?

These machines are able to work by allowing you to insert the flat piece of metal, or round or square type into device which has several settings. You are able to adjust the to driving shafts, utilizing the space between them, in order to get the proper bend that you are looking for. You can process square tubes in the same way, or even if the tubes are rectangular. Round tubes are typically the easiest, and also the most commonly used, and they are small enough that you can actually bring them with you wherever you go.

Are There Automated Ones?

There are always going to be automated versions of machines that been pipes. It just takes a little bit of time to understand how they work. If you are able to afford one, or if you do need one for your business to keep up with production, these can bend pipes automatically using preset controls, usually in about 10 seconds.

pipe bender machine

Details About Electric Pipe Benders

There are some concerns to consider when you’re using these units. With the manual ones, you will want to make sure that all people are standing clear of the device once it is in operation. If it slips out, which would be very difficult to have happen, it could end up injuring someone during the bending process. Automatic ones typically are operated from afar, and the more expensive the unit, the less likely slippage will occur. Once the process has started, you can stop it using the same electronic controls, or if you are doing this manually, you simply have to stop twisting and removed the pipe if it is not creating exactly what you want.

The prices on these can vary by several thousand dollars depending upon which ones you get, and the electric or hydraulic powered ones are typically tens of thousands of dollars. There are many vendors on the Internet that sell them, allowing you to order them and have them shipped in the shortest amount of time by selecting a company that has a reputation for creating and delivering the best possible products. Whether you decide to go with one of the manual upright adjustable reinforcement pipe benders, or one that is fully automated, you will be able to create more pipes at the exact angles that you need using these automated devices from reputable manufacturers which are readily available.

Why A Hydraulic Rebar Bender Makes A Great Investment

Reinforced concrete is a supremely flexible building material, but getting the most out of it requires plenty of steel. These days the overwhelming majority of steel reinforcement is supplied in the form of rebar, and you’ll need all kinds of different rebar shapes to fit various concrete pours. This is why investing in a hydraulic rebar bender ( hidráulico doblador de varilla corrugada) is a great idea for any contractor who handles a lot of concrete work.GW60 hydraulic rebar bender

Alternatives To Machine Bending

If you’re doing concrete work and you choose not to buy a rebar bending machine (máquina dobladora de varilla corrugada), you’re basically left with two options: You can either assign your employees to cut and bend rebar (doblar varilla de corrugada) manually, or you can order bent rebar from a third-party supplier. Neither of these options is all that attractive.

Manual bending is a tough, messy job that’s unpopular with workers. The results leave a lot to be desired, too: This is the slowest, least precise way to bend rebar on the job site. Working with a third party has its drawbacks, too. There’s an inevitable delay between ordering rebar and having it delivered which calls for careful logistical planning. You’ll also end up ordering more rebar than you really need to make up for potential shortfalls, wasting money. Do you want this hydraulic rebar bender? We have more like this, please visit

RB16 hydraulic rebar bender

Hydraulic Rebar Machines: Types

While there are a lot of different hydraulic machinery (hidráulico maquinaria) out there suitable for use with rebar (and you can even construct your own if you’re inclined to tinker), they generally fall into two main camps based on their overall size and portability. Jobsite benders are designed to be moved fairly easily; they generally weigh 200 pounds or less. These lighter bending machines (máquina doblado) can be used virtually anywhere, but there’s a limit to their capacity. They usually can’t handle the thickest types of rebar (e.g. # 8 stock).

Heavier hydraulic benders are obviously less mobile, and they usually live in your shop. It may be cost-effective to move a large bender onto your job site if you need to bend a lot of rebar quickly, though. Most heavy-duty bending machines can be moved around with a skid steer.
RB25 hydraulic rebar bender

Advantages Of Bending Your Own Rebar

As implied above, a hydraulic bending machine (máquina dobladora de hidráulica) handles your bending needs faster than manual bending and more cheaply than working with an outside fabricator. These aren’t the limits of these machines’ advantages! Operating your own rebar bender lends a greater amount of precision to your rebar. On jobs where you need large numbers of identical pieces (like wrapping a concrete column) this can be vital.

Having your own rebar (acero corrugado) benders onsite can also take a lot of the guesswork out of your supply chain. You’ll be less likely to overstock rebar shapes you don’t end up using, and you can fabricate new pieces on demand even if you didn’t know you needed them.

You should hopefully have a better idea of just how much of an asset a hydraulic rebar bender can be, both on the job site and in the workshop. If your company handles concrete work regularly, investing a little money in your own rebar bending machine is an excellent idea. It’ll pay for itself many times over, especially if you buy a durable, long-lasting machine. If you want to know more about these machines, please visit

Buying High-quality Bar Bender

A bar bender for bending concrete steel is not really something you venture out and have daily. You are going to make this purchase once every five-years or so. Actually, when investing in a great bar bender, it is possible to operate it for much longer than anticipated. It happens on a regular basis due to how good-designed these bar benders are.

For individuals who want to go out and purchase one of those, you will have to think about three things after which progress towards making the payment.

These three items of concern will assist you to make your purchase with ease. Before you buy it, it is better to visit some websites to learn more

GW42 High quality automatic rebar bender for sale

GW42 High quality automatic rebar bender for sale

1) Don’t Refrain From Doing Research On Suppliers

You want to examine everyone. It does not matter who they are you need to give them an opportunity. The logic on this mindset is always to remain open about your identiity conversing with. There are many who happen to be “hidden gems” in relation to being suppliers and obtain blocked out with the big boys in this particular industry.

You want to look past this stuff and choose on merit.

Who is the right supplier for what you really are opting for? How about their service? Prices? Warranties?

Are you content with them? You have to go in with this particular state of mind.

2) Remain Calm

Are you able to remain calm under pressure when everything is not as elementary as going to the local supermarket to grab a bag of apples? A bar bender is not really a straightforward purchase, and it also shouldn’t be. There are actually things you must search for using this type of purchase.

The individual that can remain calm while they are under dress is the individual who will get a nice bar bender for 40mm steel after the path.

GW40 Manual bar bending machine for sale

GW40 Manual bar bending machine for sale

Others will struggle or panic and acquire anything when which is not a good idea by any means.

3) Output Has To Be Emphasized

It does not matter that is selling or perhaps for exactly how much they are selling a bent rebar machine because until you have looked at the output, you will not be satisfied. Just what is the “output” about? The goal is to check out just what the bar will probably look like after it has been bent.

Are you content with how well it works? You want to be sure about this, and then you can consider the others.

A low priced rebar bender is of no use when it is not going to get the job done. The same thing goes on an expensive one. You desire something which works first.

These are generally things you have to note down and remain alert about as someone who is investing in a fresh bar bending machine. You cannot take a risk the location where the bar bender is blindly bought, so you now hope it provides the high quality which you would covet.

Many people do this, and so they despise how things figure out from the long-term. You want so that you can remain calm and obtain the best bar bender out there.

Why Would You Need A Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine?

If you have a construction business, and you are constantly using rebar for the projects that you are completing, it is important to have a reinforcement bar bending machine. There are ways to bend rebar manually, but when it comes to production, these bender machines are absolutely necessary. You can have them delivered to your construction site, and they are somewhat portable, making them easy to go from one location to the next. Here is an overview of how they work, what they do, and where you can get the best prices on these tools that so many construction companies use today.

GW50 automatic reinforcement bar bending machine

Why Would You Need One?

Any construction company that is responsible for laying out foundations will use rebar every single time. It is a material that has a very high tension strength, typically made of steel, allowing the concrete to last a much longer time. This is true for any masonry structures that are built including skyscrapers that use a significant amount of concrete in the framing of the building. If this is the type of work that you do, you will want to make your job easier by owning and using a reinforcement bending machine. Regardless of the type, there are also accessories that you should consider ordering with the rebar bending machine to make sure that you can create the exact bends and angles that are necessary to complete each project coming up.

automatic accessory

Different Types That Are Available

There are several different companies that make them, but each of them will have different capabilities. They will also come with accessories that can help make the job easier. They typically come with stirrups bend pivots, bush holder pivots, and strikers that are used during the bending process. There are optional additions that you can add including spirals and hoops, large radius equipment, and they even come with steel benches with rollers. It just depends on the type of work you are doing and the type of bends that you need to create, when choosing one of these machines. If you have business working with bars and steels, Ellsen bending equipment will be a good choice. Welcome to to find the best machine for your business.

GW60 reinforcement bar bending machine

How Much Do They Cost?

They typically cost several thousand dollars, and you can save money by purchasing the stirrup equipment used. The best deals for new ones will come from countries like India and China where they are able to produce them at a much lower cost. Even though the shipping will be quite expensive, you are still going to save money. Most of them come with exceptional guarantees to ensure that if you have any problems, the unit can either be repaired or replaced.

reinforcement bar bending machine

After you have researched the different ones that are out there, you will purchase one that is affordable and also highly recommended. They are a necessary component of every large construction company that is constantly using rebar in their building projects. Once you have this information, it should be very easy for you to find one that will cater to your needs. It will accelerate your ability to complete all of your projects that you are doing, and is an investment that all commercial and residential construction companies should use with their business.

Ellsen bending machinery has high quality and good work capacity. In addition, Ellsen equipment has fair price and high efficiency, which can save lots of time and labor force for you. Ellsen can also customize bending machines to meet the different needs of clients. Click to find the ideal machine for your business.