Do You Need An Asphalt Hot Mixing Plant?

An asphalt hot mixing plant is essential for contractors that specialize in road construction. This is because asphalt is a composite of different materials – gravel, sand and stone – bound by asphalt cement, a crude oil product. Without the ideal asphalt hot mixing plant price, there would be no business to speak of.

When people think of mixing plants, they usually have an image of stationary structures with the asphalt being transported to the site in large trucks. However, the truth of the matter is that there are actually three types of asphalt mixers – stationary, relocatable, and mobile.

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The difference that makes the difference among the three is the capacity. A mobile plant, not surprisingly, churns out the least amount of asphalt per hour. In one manufacturer we checked, their portable asphalt mixer produces a steady mix of asphalt at 80 tons per hour. Eighty tons might sound like a lot, however, when you consider that stationary plants can produce up to 600 tons per hour, it’s actually not much.

If you search for it online, you will see that there are several manufacturers of asphalt plants out there. In other words, any decent road construction company has a choice on where to get its asphalt mixing plant from. The only question is, how do they choose?

If you are buying for a road construction company, you should base your decision on your needs. Obviously, if you take on projects that are far from where you are located, you will want to get a portable and mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale that has the right combination of capacity and design. If you need a stationary mixer, make sure that the design can be modified to suit an irregular layout in your location.

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And there is the matter of capacity. Even among mixing plants in the same category, there are differences in how much asphalt they produce in one hour. You will definitely want to take it into consideration.

Other than the design and capacity, other factors you need to consider are parts and technical support, and service. We can’t emphasize the importance of parts. The manufacturer must have a large inventory of spare parts that it delivers quickly to its customers.

The full array of features is also another item that needs to be considered. Can the plant be operated totally hands-free? Can it be operated using an app (we’re only imagining there is one)?

We mentioned before that there are several different manufacturers of asphalt mixing plants. Like anything, not all of them are created alike. Since asphalt mixers are major purchases, make sure to compare at least three manufacturers and the models they offer. Make sure to compare based on the items we listed above, and then compare it against the price. The idea is to ensure that you get your money’s worth. You can choose one from Aimix Asphalt Plant Website:

How To Obtain An Affordable Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Asphalt is one of the most important substances that can be used for roads, driveways and parking lots. It is that black tar like substance, also referred to as bitumen, that is mixed in with a wide variety of aggregate particles. It is useful for waterproofing certain surfaces, and it can also be used for roofing felt, specifically for flat roofs that people have today. In order to use this for small jobs, you will need to have access to a mini asphalt mixing plant.

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What You Should Know About Asphalt?

Asphalt is a type of the pitch, found in natural deposits, and when it is heated to high temperatures it can become very viscous. There are actual plants on larger scales that are able to produce thousands of gallons of this material that is used on roadways all throughout the nation. This substance, bitumen, can be found in many countries with Canada being the largest source of this material. It is shipped worldwide and used for a multitude of purposes, but it cannot be used unless it goes through an asphalt mixing or asphalt drum plant.

Overview Of an Asphalt Mixing Plant

These large scale operations are able to make not only asphalt but many other products including macadam and coated roads stones. Asphalt pavement that constructed with the help of asphalt hot mix plant is the primary product that is produced with RAP increasingly becoming the most prominent part of the mix. This is a flammable material, so special care must be used when creating asphalt. It will be put through many different stages. There will be a batch heater to get everything up to the right temperature, a drum mixer, and finally it will be stored in containers that are heated and ready to use. There are many different components to asphalt including the binder, the filler, and the sand. The sand actually has quite a bit of water which will be boiled off when processed, a process that is used in most of these factories today. At this time, you will need the help of asphalt plant, and you can get good performance mini asphalt batching plant here:

What Is A Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant?

These are miniature asphalt plants, usually portable, which can fit on the back of the truck or be placed on a flatbed. The material is simply added to the drum which will undergo heating and rotation, and in the next year is poured where it needs to go. You can purchase these from American companies, but the best deal tend to come from China or other countries overseas. You should be able to get ones for as little as $20,000 for smaller jobs, and upwards of $100,000 for those that are for larger companies.

The best deals can be found online where there are websites that connect with different businesses across the world. Often times you can find a company that is going to sell an old one that they have, allowing you to score the best deal, and you can check our asphalt plants here: It just depends on the size of product that you need, and how much you will be using it, in terms of how large it is and the overall price. Once you have found an asphalt mixing plant online,just simply contact the manufacturer, and have it delivered to your location.